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Masjid-i Nemire is the great mosque where our Prophet led the noon and afternoon prayers in Arafat. During the Farewell Hajj, Hz. A bristle tent was set up on Nemire, a small hill west of Arafat, for the Prophet (pbuh), and here on a flat area in the Urane Valley, where the Harem border ends, the Messenger of God led the noon and afternoon prayers with more than 120,000 of his Companions and made the foundation. superseded. A mosque was built in this place where the Messenger of Allah prayed, and it became famous with the name “Masjid-i Nemire” in relation to the hill next to it.
MUGAMMES VALLEY  The army under the command of Ebraha, who marched on Mecca to destroy the Kaaba in the pre-Islamic period, had stopped here before attacking Mecca. Today, the valley is located on the right at the 5th kilometer towards the Taif road after passing the border signs on the way to Seylülkebir from the ninth road of Arafat and is known as the Green Valley.