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Arafat is our mountain. Our prayers will be accepted there (Y. Emre) 25 km from Mecca-i Mükerreme. Arafat, which is a flat area on the Taif road in the southeast, is the place where the foundation, the most important element of the pilgrimage, was made. This area, which is 6.5 km long from east to west and 11-12 km long from north to south, is 13.68 km2. Calling this blessed place “Arafat”; Coming from ingenuity in the sense of knowing; Hz. Since our Mother Adam and Eve met and got to know each other long after our Mother descended to the earth, after describing the pilgrimage to Jibril-i Emin Ibrahim (pbuh) here, عرفت هل ( ) “Did you know, did you learn?” It is because Abraham (as) ( عرفت ) said “I knew, I learned”. According to another rumor, Arafat comes from confession. People here confess the majesty and majesty of Allah Almighty and their own helplessness. As a matter of fact, Hz. In Arafat, our mother Adam and Eve pleaded: We have wronged our selves. If you do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be among the miserable ones.” (A’raf, 23) In response to their begging, Allah Almighty said ( عرفتم ) meaning “now you know yourself”. The ancestors of people from all over the world, Hz. Adam and Hz. Here they meet and meet each other, just as Eve did. It has also been said that this name was given because people confess their sins, plead for forgiveness from Allah, and offer their servitude and desperation, and because those who ask for forgiveness are cleansed of their sins after being forgiven, they have a nice fragrance (Arf) in the sight of Allah Almighty. As mentioned in the works on the history of Mecca, gardens in Arafat, On the day of Arafah, there were beautiful places where the Meccans came and stayed. Over time, there was no trace of them. XX. Since the second half of the century, a serious afforestation project has been implemented and Arafat has regained its feature of being a green place. In addition, nine separate highways connecting Arafat were built to facilitate the return of pilgrims to Muzdalifah with various facilities.