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Each of the small stones thrown by the pilgrims in Mina during the feast of sacrifice and the three different places where these stones are thrown are called cemre (cem’i: cemerât). where he was stoned. On the first day of the feast, stones are not thrown at the 1st and 2nd devils. Second cemre (middle devil): It is the place where Satan was seen second to Abraham (pbuh) and stoned. Third cemre (Cemretü’l Akabe “Great Satan”): It is the place where Satan was first seen and stoned to Abraham (pbuh). On the first day of the feast, only the great devil is stoned, and some prayers are made. 1 156.40 m. between first cemre and middle cemre, 116.77 m. between middle cemre and Aqaba cemre. There is distance. Hz. After Abraham completed the construction of the Kaaba, Gabriel (as There is a narration in the hadith books that he stoned the devil, who wanted to prevent him from fulfilling Allah’s command, when he made his first pilgrimage with the guidance of ) and took his son Ismail (as) to sacrifice. 2 Our Prophet also threw stones at these cemre during the Farewell Hajj and wanted to learn from him how the pilgrimage was performed, especially during this time. 3 Satan stoning Authentic hadiths clearly state that this practice is based on the sunnah of Abraham (pbuh) and symbolically emphasizes that the devil is stoned. These shots, called “Devil’s Stones”, were performed by Hz. It keeps the memory of Abraham’s stoning of the devil alive and represents a kind of reaction and resistance against the devil who always tries to make people sin. The place of cemre in Mina was determined by marker stones since pre-Islamic times. However, in the XIX. Until the 19th century, there was no sign or enclosing wall around the cemre to limit the falling distance of the stone. At the beginning of 1875, iron bars were built around the Cemretü’l-Aqaba, in this way, it was aimed to prevent the stampede that may arise from getting too close to the cemre. However, because of the concern that the place to be thrown stones could be perceived as being expanded by the public, these railings were removed a year later and pool-shaped walls were built around each of the three cemre, which determined the place where the stones would fall. In 1975, the location where the cemre was located was 40 to 80 m. to prevent confluence. width and 1 km. It was rearranged as a two-storey road with a long road, and in 2005, as many pilgrims died from a stampede, the place of cemre was rearranged and the stone throwing path was started to be built as four floors.