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The cemetery of Medina, called Bakî’ or Bakî’u-garğad, is located in the southeast of the city, near the Masjid an-Nabawi.

This area, which was turned into a barn for the first time by the Messenger of Allah (saas), was previously covered with a kind of bush called “Garğad”. Among the Turks, it is more famous with the name “Cennetü’-bakî”. Osman Ibn-i Mazun, the first foster brother of our Prophet, who was buried in this cemetery among the immigrants, and Es’ad b. It is Zürâre.

3rd caliph Hz. He is buried in Osman Baki cemetery.
Our Prophet’s uncle, Hz. Abbas, his aunt Safiye and some of his grandchildren are also here.
Our Prophet’s son Ibrahim, his daughters Rukiye and Zeyneb, Hz. Fatima and her son Hasan were also
buried here. After being martyred in Karbala, Hz. When the head of Hussein
was sent to Medina by Muawiya, he was buried next to his mother.

Among those buried in Baki are Fatima bint Esed, the mother of Hazrat Ali, whom the Messenger of God called “my second mother”, and his blessed wives, one of the mothers of the believers, Hz. Aisha, Hz. Hafsa, Mr. Umm Salama, Hz. Zaynab bint Huzeyme, Hz. There are Zeyneb bint Cahş, Safiye, Reyhane and Mariye.
Along with the notables of Cennetü’l-Baki’a Ahl al-Bayt, Abdurrahman b. Awf, Sa’d b. Ebû Vakkas, Abdullah b. Around ten thousand Companions, Mes’ud, Suheyb er-Rûmî and Abu Hureyre, many natural persons, and many saints until today are buried.
The Messenger of Allah used to go to Cennetü’l-Bak’i from time to time and
pray for those who were buried there. It is mustahab to visit the people of Baki.

In the cemetery, Hz. Uthman, uncles of the Messenger of Allah, Abbas, Hz. Aisha, Hz. The tombs and other tomb structures built on the graves of the Companions like Hasan were later removed, and the tombs were only identified with small stones placed at the head and foot ends.
With the expansions, Cennetü’l-Baki’, which has reached 180,000 m2 today, is still used as a Medina cemetery.