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Our Prophet (saas) reached Quba during the Migration and sent Hz. There were 14 days left to wait for Ali (ra) and other refugees.
He left for Medina on Friday, September 24, 622. After about 500 meters, while passing through the Banu Salim tribe in the Ranuna valley, the people of the tribe did not leave the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). They courted.
It was noon when they reached Ranuna. When the verse related to the obligation of Friday was revealed, he read the first Friday sermon in the prayer place here and led the first Friday prayer.
Later, a masjid known as “Masjid al-Jumu’ah” was built to keep the memory of this first Friday prayer alive.
This mosque is also called “Âtike” or “Bani Sâlim” mosque because it is in the Beni Salim tribe. It is also called the masjid “valley”. Because this masjid is in the “Ranuna valley”.
This mosque was rebuilt in the 1990s. This masjid, which stands out with its structure reminiscent of Turkish architecture, is 350 meters from the Quba masjid. falls to the north. Its architect is Mahmut Kirazoğlu.