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Spiritual Preparations

  • It is crucial to seek forgiveness from relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc., to avoid the risk of violating others’ rights.
  • Before embarking on the Hajj journey, it is important to recite plenty of Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) to purify oneself from sins.
  • Since we will be visiting our beloved Prophet during the Hajj, it’s essential to read numerous Salawat (blessings on the Prophet) as a gift for him.
  • Additionally, reading Surah Yasin, Surah Ikhlas, and similar prayers before the Hajj journey will be beneficial for spiritual preparation.
  • Performing voluntary prayers like Tasbih, Duha, Awwabin, and Tahajjud before the Hajj journey will be very fruitful.
  • If you do not know how to read the Quran, learning it before the Hajj journey will be beneficial.
  • You can contact your group teacher for learning Quran. It’s mandatory to attend the seminars conducted by your company before the Hajj journey. For seminar dates, contact your group teacher.
  • In the seminar, ensure you meet your group teacher and get their Saudi phone number.
  • Don’t forget to purchase items discussed in the seminars, like Ihram, slippers, and waist belts, which are necessary for the Hajj journey.
  • It’s very important to travel to Hajj by plane or bus in a state of ablution and without sleeping, if possible.
  • Therefore, rest well before the day of travel. Before leaving for Hajj, taking a full ablution bath and entering the holy lands in a state of full ablution (ghusl) is appropriate. Reducing liquid intake 24 hours before departure is important to avoid the need for frequent ablution during the journey.

Financial Preparations

  • Always remember the Hadith, “Hajj is full of hardship.”
  • Before going on the Hajj journey, visit your family doctor or the nearest health center for a check-up and carry extra medicines if needed.
  • Ensure to get vaccinated against meningitis.
  • Label your bags and suitcases for Hajj with your name, address, and phone number.
  • Read the Hajj and Umrah guidebook provided by your company several times.
  • To access the books, visit the “Free Guide Books” page under the “Media” menu.
  • Take the Quran and the Hajj and Umrah guidebooks with you. Always carry your national ID card.
  • Your luggage should not exceed 30 kg, and your handbag should not be over 8 kg.
  • You can carry enough Pakistan Rupee for your personal needs in Saudi Arabia. Though Pakistan Rupee is accepted, you can exchange currency there.
  • Be at the airport at the specified time. Do not forget to purchase an international departure fee stamp.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, collect the relevant documents (passport, etc.) from the officials.
  • Do not put your passport and Umrah card in your checked luggage. Check in your luggage at the designated place.
  • Keep your baggage receipt and flight ticket in your handbag.
  • Remember that all controls from the Saudi Arabian airport to the hotel are under the Saudi government.
  • Follow the instructions of your group leader and do not separate from your group.
  • Be patient as there may be delays at the airports due to Saudi laws and regulations. Remember that Hajj is a challenging act of worship.

General Preparation Stages for Umrah

Umrah is a spiritual journey for Muslims, and it requires some crucial preparations before embarking on it. Here are the essentials to prepare and take before going on Umrah:

1. Health Check and Vaccinations

  • Undergo a complete health check-up before your Umrah trip.
  • Ensure your vaccinations, especially mandatory ones like the Meningococcal vaccine, are up to date.

2. Document Preparation

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of your trip.
  • Complete and submit all necessary documents for your Umrah visa in a timely manner.

3. Religious Training and Information

  • Acquire knowledge about how to perform Umrah rituals. Attend training if needed.
  • Get prayer books and religious guides for reference.

4. Spiritual Preparation

  • Umrah is not only a physical but also a spiritual journey. Prepare your heart and mind for this sacred trip.
  • Engage in regular prayer and remembrance to adapt to the spiritual atmosphere.

5. Appropriate Clothing and Supplies

  • Purchase Ihram (two pieces of white cloth for men) and suitable clothing for women.
  • Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes and personal items for daily use.

6. Financial Planning

  • Prepare enough money and credit cards for the journey.
  • Keep extra cash for emergencies.

7. Accommodation and Transportation

  • Carefully select your Umrah package and plan details like accommodation and transportation in advance.
  • Prefer working with a reliable tour company.

8. Communication Plan

  • Check international call and data plans to stay in touch with your family and friends.
  • Consider getting an international SIM card if necessary.

Final Word

Making these preparations before your Umrah journey will ensure a smoother and more spiritually fulfilling experience. Be well-prepared to make the most of every moment of this sacred journey and enjoy the spiritual enrichment it brings.

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