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What is Sa’y?

Sa’y is one of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, involving walking back and forth seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah. In honor of the obedience and loyalty of Hagar, Allah Almighty has made Sa’y obligatory for everyone performing Hajj and Umrah, just as she did.

Obligatory Acts of Sa’y

  • To perform Sa’y on foot (those who are ill, elderly, or disabled may use a wheelchair).
  • To complete seven circuits (shawts) of Sa’y.

Sunnahs of Sa’y

  • To start Sa’y immediately after completing Tawaf.
  • To be in a state of purity from physical impurities.
  • To be in a state of purity from minor and major ritual impurities.
  • To perform Istilam (touching or kissing) of the Black Stone before starting Sa’y.
  • To ascend the hills of Safa and Marwah in each circuit, reaching a point where the Kaaba is visible.
  • To face the Kaaba while on Safa and Marwah and recite takbir, tahleel, and supplications.
  • For men, to perform “Raml” (hastened walking) between the two green lights, and walk at a normal pace in other parts.
  • To perform all circuits consecutively without taking breaks.
  • To engage in takbir, tahleel, and supplication during Sa’y.

How to Perform Sa’y

After performing Istilam of the Black Stone, proceed to Safa and make the intention. Ascend Safa, face the Kaaba, and raise hands as in supplication. Praise and glorify Allah, say takbir three times, recite tahleel, and send Salawat. After making personal and communal supplications, walk slowly towards Marwah. Between the two green lights, perform Raml (hastened walking), saying the following supplication: After the second green light, walk at a normal pace. Upon reaching Marwah, face the Kaaba and recite takbir, remembrance, and supplications, as done on Safa. This completes the first circuit of Sa’y. Repeat this process, going from Safa to Marwah four times and Marwah to Safa three times, making seven circuits in total. After completing Sa’y, it is recommended to perform a two Rak’ah prayer in the Masjid al-Haram. Do not pray at Marwah.

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