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About Makkah Al Mukarramah

Mecca-i Mükerreme is 280 m from the sea in the north of the Arabian peninsula. It was founded on a valley called Batnimekke (Beke). The hollow area (Bathâü Mecca) in the middle of this valley, in the center of which the Kaaba is located, is surrounded by Abu Kubeys, on the skirts of which Safâ and Merve hills are located, in the east, Kuaykıan in the west, Sevr in the southwest, Hira and Sebir mountains in the northeast.

Mecca-i Mukerrema;

  •  The Kaaba, which is the qibla of Muslims,
  •  There is the Masjid al-Haram, where worships are given a hundred thousand rewards,
  • The Messenger of Allah was born,
  • Prophecy and prophecy were given,
  •  Many of the verses of the Qur’an were revealed,
  • It is a blessed city where the pilgrimage is performed, one of the conditions of Islam.

Names of Mecca mentioned in the Quran: 

1- Mecca,

2- Bekke,

3- Ummul-Qura (because it is considered the center of all settlements in the world and the qibla of Muslims),

4- El Beled,

5- El Beledül-Emin (safe place),

6- El Belde,

7- Harâmun Emin,

8-  Valley Ghayri Zî Zer’in,

9- Mead (the place of return),

10- Karye,

11- Al Masjidul Haram.
The world is in the form of a circle with the Kaaba in its center. Each of the countries on earth faces one side of the Kaaba. Therefore, circumambulation around the Kaaba
symbolizes the rotation of the world around itself.
The Kaaba is the beyti’sh-sharef-i âzam.
The point is the circle of the world. (Nabi)

: Allah made Mecca a harem on the day He created the heavens and the earth. The reason why Mecca was named Harem (forbidden, protected, inviolable) around the borders drawn by our Prophet (saas); killing all living things other than pests and harming vegetation
is prohibited, all kinds of rape are prohibited and this place is made safe and inviolable.
The reward for the good deeds and sins committed in the harem will be seen in abundance.
This status, which was forgotten later, Hz. Returned by Abraham.
The border points of the Meccan harem are marked with stones called “alam”. The circumference of the Harem is 127 km and its area covers an area of ​​550 km2.

Hill:  The area between the Harem and Miqat places is called Hill because of the lifting of the prohibitions in the Harem.
Our Prophet said that the closest and dearest place to Allah on earth is the Kaaba and its surroundings.
When our Prophet (saas) was leaving Mecca to migrate to Makkah during the migration, he said: “I swear by Allah that you are the best and the most beloved of Allah’s earths. If I hadn’t been removed from you, I wouldn’t have left you.”