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Masjid-i Hayf, located in the south of Mount Mina, right next to the first cemre (little devil), was built at the place where the Prophet set up a tent during his farewell pilgrimage and prayed in congregation. This place, where the Messenger of Allah used to pray, was later surrounded by a wall and turned into a mosque. The mosque, which was built by the Abbasid Caliph Vâsık Billah in 227 (842), was repaired by various Islamic states and Ottomans in later periods. During the new regulations, the Saudi Government had Masjid al-Hayf completely demolished and rebuilt on a 25-decare land with its annexes. (1987) Naming Masjid al-Hayf; Hz. While Ibrahim was taking his son Ismail (as) to sacrifice, it was because he was afraid of whether he could do his duty here. Since the places slightly above the water bed in the valleys are called “hayf” in Arabic, the mosque built at the foot of Mount Sâih was also called by this name. Under the tent-shaped dome in Masjid-i Hayf was the tent of our Prophet. In the place where Masjid-i Hayf was built, Hz. 70 prophets, including Moses, prayed. 1 Our Prophet (saas) states: “Seventy prophets made pilgrimage, all of them prayed in Masjid al-Hayf after circumambulating the Kaaba. If you are able, do not stop praying there.” (Mir’atü’l Haremeyn v.1, p.1130) “Seventy prophets prayed in Masjid al-Hayf. Musa (as) is one of them. I seem to see him.” In Behçetüt Takva, it is written that 400 prophets were buried under this dome. For this reason, this dome is called “Kubbetü’l Enbiyâ”. As reported in Mir’âtü’l Haremeyn; Hz. Adam is buried under the minaret on the left at the entrance of the mosque. Hz. When Adam died, his son Şit (as) led the funeral prayer and buried him on Mount Ebu Kubeys. Noah (pbuh) was also Hz. He took Adam’s grave to the ship and buried it under this minaret in Masjid al-Hayf. Since Masjid al-Hayf is a very holy and holy place, it is necessary to do a lot of worship here. From the first period, Muslims have attached great value to Masjid al-Hayf. Zayd Ibn Aswad (ra) said: “I was with the Messenger of Allah on his farewell pilgrimage. I performed the morning prayer with the Messenger of Allah in Masjid al-Hayf.” Hadrat Abu Huraira (ra); They said, “If I were from the people of Makkah, I would go to Mina every Saturday to pray in Masjid al-Hayf.” Sa’d b.