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It is a mosque at the level of Masjid-i Jinn. Our Prophet met with a delegation of Jinns at the place where Masjid al-jinn is located. The Prophet used to recite the Qur’an in order to convey revelations to the jinn at different times and places. One day, Abdullah b. When he and Mas’ud went to a place near Hajun, he drew a line on the ground and asked him not to cross it, and read the Qur’an to the jinn beyond the line. Ibn Mas’ud related this issue. He narrates as follows: Jinns told our Prophet; “Who bears witness that you are the Messenger of Allah?” they asked. There was a gum tree nearby. Our Prophet pointed to that tree; “Did you see that tree? Would you believe if he testified?” The Jinn said, “Yes, we believe”. Thereupon, the Prophet called the tree, and it came by dragging the branches of the tree; “Will you testify that I am the Messenger of Allah?” he asked. The tree said: “I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah.” A mosque was built where that tree was located and where this miracle took place.