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Zulhulayfa was determined by the Prophet as the place of ihram (miqat) for those who would go to Mecca from the direction of Medina. Today, St. The distance of this mosque in Zülhuleyfe, which is known as “Âbâr-ı Ali” (Ebyâr-ı Ali) in relation to Ali, is approximately 11 kilometers from the Prophet’s Mosque. The southwestern border of Medina reached here. The Messenger of Allah spent the night in Zulhulayfa and prayed under a tree called samura during the Farewell Hajj, as he had done before on two umrah journeys. 1 For this reason, it is also called Masjid-i Secere. Those who went from Medina to Mecca after the Prophet entered ihram here. Hz. The place where he prayed in the mosque, which is known to have been built since the time of the Prophet (saas), was preserved by making it visible until recently. Masjid-i Zulhuleyfe, which underwent various repairs in the following periods,