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Mecca-i Mükerreme Cemetery is near Cennet-ül Muallâ and about 2 km from Harem-i Şerif. It is a masjid-i sherif on a hill overlooking the city in the north. It is also known as “Mescidü’l-Hurras” since it was customary for night watchmen who were responsible for maintaining the security of Mecca from early times to gather on this hill and change their guard. Later, the mosque built here was named Masjid-i Cin. An architect named İbrahim Ağa, who came to Mecca in 1700, built the first mosque here. The building, which was last built in 1362 (1943), was demolished and renovated in 2000. While returning from Taif three years before the hijra, the Prophet performed the morning prayer on the plot of this mosque. Seven jinn listened to the Qur’an, which he recited in prayer, and they believed.