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Mina:  It means men and ihsan, and it is also called mina in Arabic where people gather or blood is shed. Mina is approximately 7 km from the Masjid al-Haram, between Mecca and Muzdalifah. It is between Mount Sabır and Mount Mürselat in the northeast and is within the borders of Harem. Giving the name of Mina; a. Because it is a place where Allah’s mercy and blessings are abundant, b. Hz. Since Adam wished (desired) Paradise here, Allah Almighty sent Hz. Since he had blessings on Abraham and all his servants, d. It is because people gather here on Eid days and sacrifice sacrifices in the hope of getting closer to Allah and being sure of their punishment.Mina is within the borders of the Harem; Hz. In the days of Teşrik, when Abraham stoned the devil, slaughtered a ram for his son Ismail (as), where Masjid al-Hayf is located, the first and second allegiances to Ansar and Aqaba were made, the Surah Nasr was revealed during the Farewell pilgrimage, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) It is a blessed place where the Prophet spent the night and the Surah Mürselat was revealed. In line with the practice of the Prophet, it is sunnah to stay in Mina for one day on the way to Arafat, and for three nights during the days of stoning the devil. Likewise, it was considered more virtuous that the pilgrimage sacrifice, which should be slaughtered within the boundaries of the Harem, was slaughtered in Mina, and that hair cutting and shortening, which is also an important part of the pilgrimage, was performed in Mina due to the practice of the Messenger of Allah. Since it is a common place of worship like Arafat and Muzdalifah, Mina, which covers an area of ​​812 hectares, cannot be the subject of private property. It was reported by our Prophet. 1 Prayer and supplication should be made whenever one comes here. There are several masjids that keep the memory of some important events alive in and around Mina’s borders. These;
1. Masjid al-Haif
2. To Masjid-i Bey
3. Masjid-i-Kebsh
4. Masjid-i-Nahr (Manhar)
5. Masjid al-Kevser
6. Masjid-i Mursalat