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It is on the south side of the Masjid-i Haram, approximately 4 km. away, on the Arafat road. The skirt of the mountain and its summit is 458 m, a distance that can be reached on foot in approximately 1.5 hours. Our Prophet (saas) While migrating with Abu Bakr-i Sidik (ra), they entered this cave and stayed for 3 nights. Before the cave, Hz. Abu Bakr entered to see if there was anything harmful, and then the Messenger of Allah entered. As long as they stay here. Abdullah, son of Abu Bakr, was walking among the polytheists during the day and bringing information at night. His slave, Amr ibn Fuhayre, was herding sheep around that area, making Abdullah lose his traces and offering milk. Three miracles occurred in this cave:

1- Hz. A snake bit Abu Bakr’s foot, the Messenger of Allah (saas) smeared his blessed saliva, and at that moment his pain subsided and he was healed.

2- After they entered the cave, spiders tucked webs at the mouth of the cave and pigeons made a nest by the order of Allah.

3- The polytheists came to the front of the cave, one of them wanted to search, Umayya bin Khalaf told him; “What are you doing there, have you lost your mind? There, before Muhammad was born, the spiders stretched their web and the birds made a nest,” so they gave up on entering the cave. Hz. Abu Bakr; “When the polytheists approached the cave, their feet could be seen. I said: “O Messenger of Allah, if they lower their heads, they will see us.” Our Prophet (saas) said: “Shut up, Ebâ Bekr, the third of these two is Allah.” Our Prophet (saas) spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights there. It was for precaution that they hid in the cave for three days and three nights. The polytheists would conclude that they had moved away from Mecca. Three days later, Abdullah b. In Ureykit,