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Platinium VIP Umrah Package

VIP Umrah
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  • Best ever Umrah Experience
  • Halal Local cut fresh meat at Buffets
  • Best Umrah guidance with soul feed spiritual lectures
  • Free Health Insureance in Saudi Arabia

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VIP Umrah

VIP-Platinium Umrah Package

5 Star VIP-Platinium Umrah Package

5 Star VIP-Platinium Umrah package

English, Urdu and Turkish Speaking
Scholar Leading the Group


  pakistan International Airlines, PIA

  Makkah M. Hotel: Anjum Hotel - 5 star

  Madinah M. Hotel: Al Aqeeq Hotel - 5 star

  4 Bed Price/Person: 810,000 PKR

  3 Bed Price/Person: 860,000 PKR

  2 Bed Price/Person: 899,000

Package Includes

  • Seminar In Lahore Before Leaving For Umrah
  • Pre-departure lectures for physical and spiritual preparation
  • Flight Ticket
  • Flights with PIA or Saudi Airlines
  • Vegetarian menu on board
  • FOOD
  • Rich variety open buffet breakfast and dinner.
  • Diet meal options.
  • Fresh Meat
  • Experienced guide for the group
  •  Ziarat programs with Kinglong buses
  • Holy Sites Makkah
  • Ziarat to Islamic Heritage Sites of Makkah and transport by VIP Mercedes Travego buses
  • Holy Sites Madinah
  • Ziarat to Islamic Heritage Sites of Madinah and transport by VIP Mercedes Travego buses
  • Doctor Service
  • Doctor service for your personal care 24/7
  • Hand Bag
  • String Bag
  • Guide Books
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Bluetooth Headsets for each person to follow tawaf and ziarat
  • Assistance Service
  • 24/7 our assistance service will be available for you
  • Umrah From Taneem, Jirana & Hudabiya
  • 2nd-3rd and 4th Umrah at no extra cost

Day 1 Departure From JFK New York

We will meet and gather as group at JFK, 3.30 pm. After checking in, group will be farewelled with the prayer for their amazing Umrah journey.

Day 2Arrive to Madinah

We will arrive Madinah Munavvarah first. its the city of Prophet (PBU). So, After we settle the hotel and having the dinner, we will go for greeting ( salam ) to our bellowed prophet, enjoy the prayer at Masjed Nabawe, feel the atmosphere of tranquility.

Day 3 Introduction to Masjeed Nabawe, Close masjed visit, Baqi Cemetary, Lectures

After the rest of long journey, day will start with the tahajjud prayer at 3.00 am. After the Tahajjud Azans, the group leader imam will introduce you the Masjed Nawabe with details. When we completed Fajr prayer, its time to Greet Rasulullah (PBU) every starting day. If its open, Baqi Cemetery will be visited where more than 10k Sahabe and many great scholars resting there. After Asr prayer, close walking distance Masjids, Masjed Ghamamah, Masjed Hz ABubekr, etc. will be visited.

Day 4 Mazarat, Uhud, Khandak, Quba, Qiblatayn Masjed visit, Dates Garden, Lectures

Day will start with Tahajjud, prayers and farj salah. After breakfast, we will visit Uhud battle field. in there, The great sahabe uncle of our prophet, Hz Hamza and other sahabes, may Allah be pleased them, will be visited. With the lectures we will understand the beginning of Islam, hardship to protect it and the straggles they face better.
Seven Masjid where trench, Khandak, war happened will be visited. Quba is the first Masjed in Islam history. we will pray there 2 raqat salah to get Umrah reward.
After Maghrib prayer, Dates garden will be visited to get your dates since Madinah is the home of dates agriculture.

Day 5: Transfer to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, First Umrah

Its the day where we will do our last Salam to Our bellowed prophet PBU.
its also the day which we will be getting in ihram and do the first Umrah from Zulhulifah Miqat location.
we will arrive makkah al mukarrama at around mahgrib time with takbers and lablaiks.
Without losing a minute, for the first time, we will observe the Beyt of Allah SWT, and do tawaf around it- do Sa`y in between safa and marva hills. after completing Umrah, we will shave our hairs and finish our first Umrah Ibadah.

Day 6Lecture Afternoon – Introduction of Haram Sharif, Close area visit after Asr prayer

After Zuhr prayer at Haram sharif, there will be a introduction of Masjed Haram. We will spend the time between zuhr and asr at Haram Sharif with lectures and prayers. When we complete to pray asr prayer, close walking distance masjids will be introduced. the house where Rasulullah PBU honored this world, the masjid Shajara, the Masjed Jin, Mualla Cemetry where hazrat Khadija May Allah be pleased with her, will be visited.

Day 7Mazarat- thavr mount, Arafat, mina muzdalifah

We will visit the Jabaal Thavr where Rasulullah (PBU) stayed for 3 night during migration, Hijrah. Arafat, the area of Hajj, will be visited. Prayers (duas) will be made as if you are in the hajj. Mina and muzdalifah where hajj is performed will be visited by bus. The place whwere Ibrahim (PBU) was tested with his son Ismail (PBU) will be shown. There will be second Umrah made from Arafat with the group.

Day 8Umrah from Ten`im, Masjid Hazrat Aishah radiyallah anha

Masjid Aishah, May Allah be pleased with her, will be visited to get in ihram for the 3rd Umrah.
After completing Umrah, there will be free time for preparation, shopping etc. for the next day departure.

Day 9Last look ...

That’s is the hardest point of the journey, its time to leave where world’s heart is beaten…
After completing the last tawaf in haram Sharif, you will in informed to be ready at designated time in the Hotel Lobby.
May Allah (SWT) accept all your good deeds.